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I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for a pretty long time, but didn’t know where to start. I find podcasts to be such an intriguing, entertaining, and educational method for receiving useful [or just interesting] information. From the Easy listening when you get up in the morning, in the car on your way to or from work, getting that exercise in, browsing the shops while meandering through the streets of your city, or untangling yourself from the fashionable threads at the end of a long day. All of these have been various ways that podcasts have accompanied my day to day agendas and have made me feel like an adult, who makes a ritual out of where they read the newspaper. In fact, I feel like podcasts are the modern audible version of the traditional newspaper. They have become quite a trend for me and my many friends, and have been such a correctional tool, which has helped me in getting my mental gadgets going in the right direction. Because of this obsession and my platform, I wanted to explore this concept and share it with others, in hopes that it would help or interest them in ways that it has for me.

As I managed to come out unscathed from my cult experience, It created this rebirth within me and has made me curious to dive deeper into human interaction. By this I mean, I started doing “not so casual” things in casual places. I found that my time was best spent when I would start out by having solo experiment and end by making a new friend. I would do this by going to sit down at a restaurant by myself to originally be accompanied with a book, some good music in my headphones, or just to enjoy some good eats. Between the time I would sit down to receiving my food, I would look for someone else who might’ve been doing the same thing. Sometimes I wouldn’t have to go as far as across the room to find them. In fact, most times the person would be sitting at the table nearest to me, right in front of me, or even at the communal bar I had joined. I would start off enticing them with a compliment, some light humor, or organic commentary about the food they might have been eating [really any conversation starter of that nature] just to see if they would bite [no pun. but pun intended]. If I felt that there was open or receptive energy coming my way, I would intercept our conversation with an invitation for them to share in the meal experience with me. I was shocked by the response I got. It would seem that there would be a 50% chance [and with my awkwardness or lack social skills I would think 90% chance] that they would say ‘No’ and go about their day, but to my surprise every single person I tried this with said /’yes’. We would touch on a various amount of topics. We would talk fashion, culture, religion [because you know the cult experience always somehow came up], upbringing, life’s challenges, politics sometimes [if we found the other to be mentally gentle and open], or even just what we had been reflecting or looking forward to. It was always such a magical experience and a great way for me to develop my listening skills, find understanding in other’s lives, and simply just to enjoy a new energy. We would have such an amazing conversation that it most often times would result in exchanging contact info, and keeping each other posted on future opportunities to hang or even collaborate on projects together. I was so excited by this, that it served as inspiration to execute this podcast venture I was on and voila, “Lunch with Strangers” was born.

Since then, I have been meeting people on planes, trains, uber pools, laundromats, at concerts [or on the way to them], in clothing stores, at airport kiosks, waiting at the gate before my flight, at the bus stop, etc., before cordially inviting them to have lunch [or whatever meal we choose to share the experience] with me. Every now and then, there is that occasional experience that I have had where I meet them and organically transition into accompaniment and conversation at a restaurant [the original environment that I started this venture], but because of the increased growth of my bravery to interact with others, it initially happens in the other aforementioned various environments. Nonetheless, the energy between each individual I share this experience remains —- magical.

On these episodes, I invite you to be curious and listen in as I dive deeper into my healing, by aligning in an experience that is nothing more and nothing less than putting “the law of attraction” to the test and seeing what happens. I have tried to do a little editing, but for the most part these audios are filled with candid moments and uncut flavor from both my side and each individual I introduce. I really hope you enjoy this segment and page as much as I did in sharing each moment with these amazing individuals.

feel free to write to me about this in my forum section, share it amongst others, and add it to your daily ritual as if it were the modern day newspaper. lol

Without any further introduction, I give you : “Lunch with Strangers” :)


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